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  • How to pack for a business trip for hot weather. ​

    I think long sleeve blouses and trousers can be great for hot summer weather when they're in a linen fabric. Bermuda shorts are also an appropriate style for summer office looks and Pinterest has tons of inspiration on ways to style sorts for the office. 

  • I have several parties, dinners, and drinks planned in the context of my business trip and not sure how to be work appropriate but still fun. ​

    I love this question and for me the key is bringing blouses and dresses that can do both daytime and evening. Then, swapping out your accessories. During the day, you may want to keep jewelry low key and you might also have a large tote bag with your computer and planner. In the evening, try styling your looks with a statement piece, and a clutch instead. 

  • I have to lug so much around but don't want to wear a backpack, what do you suggest. ​

    I don't know if you've watched the sex and the city reboot, but gosh, Miranda got so much flack for her backpack, and I get it, backpacks can be...outfit ruiners. Instead, I'd recommend a chic tote bag. That can range from a leather one to nylon, there's definitely a spectrum to choose from. Find one that has all the functionality that you need, but that you will love to use outside of the office. Cuyana makes some beautiful totes with organizing inserts that can fit a laptop. 

  • How do I make sure my clothes look great after hours of travel?

    It all starts with choosing good travel fabrics to start, and then packing them carefully. If your hotel has an iron, great, use it! If not, consider packing a 2-in-1 travel steamer and iron. Make sure you unpack as soon as you arrive at your hotel so your clothes spend as little time as possible crumpled up. I'd also recommend packing cubes for your shoes and keeping delicates packed away from velcro and zippers. For more delicate items, you can also invest in a garment bag that clips into your suitcase, like the away garment bag. If you really want to be prepared, a small sewing kit, a lint roller, crease-release spray and anti-static spray can help your outfits look impeccable.

  • My office clothes are boring, how do you make cool outfits for work?

    Pinterest and Instagram! You probably have lots of hidden gems, but need a little inspiration. I like using the More Ideas tab in Pinterest to find more styles in line with my taste. Sometimes it's about a fresh idea on layering, or seeing colour combinations I hadn't thought of. Or, seeing how people style head to toe monochromatic looks. I find magazine editors are women I like to copy, or creative entrepreneurs.

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