It’s that time again: turkey day! Except I don’t really eat meat, so for me it’s an excuse to eat way too much pumpkin pie. This year, most of my family is meeting up at my sister’s country home near Ottawa. She has a huge chunk of land including wooded areas and a fire pit. It’s the best of both worlds because it’s a house but has the feeling of a nice cottage.

The activities we’ve planned, weather permitting, are street hockey, walking in the woods, maybe some outdoor tag and frisbee, some indoor board games, food eating with our mouths, campfire s’mores, and church on Sunday morning.

Packing for a Thanksgiving trip

I’m bringing a blend of functional and cozy for this capsule, which opens up the options for cool and/or confusing combinations. Track pants and a shearling jacket don’t belong together…or do they? I chose all neutral colours, because I’m just boring that way, and I’m kind of afraid of getting things dirty, which with blacks and beiges, doesn’t concern me as much. I chose lots of warm tops that I can layer or not, as the weather fluctuates.

My Thanksgiving packing list


Let’s break down what you see here:

  • Denim jacket: Maison Jules. Shearling makes any old denim jacket a little more cool and seasonal. Bonus points if it’s a bit oversized to fit more sweaters underneath.
  • Wool sweater: High-ish: Aritzia. Low-ish: Xiouli. A good investment piece, this caramel-coloured sweater goes with everything, whether I decide to do head-to-toe beige or other pairings. Tip: If it’s the wee bit itchy, don’t buy it. It’s not going to get better.
  • Merino athletic top: Icebreaker Oasis top. If you live in colder climates, these merino tops are amazing. People often focus on layering up for warmth, but layering under can add more warmth and less bulk!
  • Wool midi dress: High: Joseph, Low: Forever 21. So.Versatile. I layer it under sweaters or over long sleeve shirts and blouses. Love me a wool midi dress.
  • Track pants: Adidas. Track pants are kind of cool right now. Don’t ask me why, I don’t make the rules. Just bringing these for sports.
  • Cropped flare jeans: Feeson, via Amazon. If you’re tired of skinny jeans, let your ankles breathe a bit! Affordable option for a jean shape previously only done by premium denim brands.
  • Scarf: Similar here. It’s a scarf….you could pretty much wear any scarf for the same effect.
  • Hat: Beechfield. Always good to have on hand (on head?) for chilly campfire times.
  • Canvas bag: Rothco Army Surplus. Cheap, understated, and durable. I always love army gear for traveling.
  • Boots: Doc Martens. Army in spirit, fashion in practice. Cool with jeans, super cool with a wool midi dress.
  • Shoes: Nike Cortez. Best tennis shoe if you think it might be muddy and wet. Easy to clean and water repellant.

Fellow Canadians, enjoy your long weekend!

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