I’m pretty good at packing a carry-on for a week or so. But what happens when your 10-day trip turns into a month-long trip?

You adapt!

When I landed in Kansas City, the plan was to spend the first weekend at a tech conference, speaking and networking, and the next 7 days working in cafés and hanging out with my family there. I’d packed a simple capsule suitcase, with a mix of conference-appropriate outfits and casual summer gear.

But then, surprise, I was invited to extend my trip to enjoy Kansas City a little longer, experience a real Wamego, Kansas 4th of July, and help out my brother and his wife care for their two small children.

When you live far away from family, it’s harder to be there for your siblings in little things like cooking dinner or babysitting so they can run errands or have a date night. I am blessed to have such a flexible situation, and I felt like God was telling me I was needed here in Kansas City a little while longer.

To avoid hating everything you own or buying a whole new wardrobe on the road, here are a few tips to love the few items you packed up until day 26.

1. Wash your clothing

It’s silly, but sometimes a freshly washed item feels “fresh” again in more ways than one. If you have access to a laundromat or a washing machine, you can easily stretch your wardrobe endlessly and feel less grimy on the road.

2. Buy a fun piece

I don’t want to suggest buying items to satisfy your outfit boredom, because I’m generally trying to get rid of things. You may also not have room in your suitcase unless you’re willing to adopt a one-in-one-out policy. However, sometimes one small item can unlock many new outfit combinations. A small accessory, clutch, scarf, or sunglasses might just give you the key to loving your clothing again.

3. Be creative

Always wanted to try layering a slip dress and a t-shirt? Experiment with athleisure by dressing up a workout tank or pants? Are your silk pyjamas nice enough to wear out? Be creative with the clothing you did bring with new combos you might not have tried before.

Source: We Wore What
Source: Man Repeller
Source: Garance Doré

4. Upgrade your beauty

Consider for a second that your looks extend beyond just clothing. Sometimes getting your nails done or picking up a new $5 lipstick at a drugstore is enough to perk up your outfits and make you feel more put together, even though you’ve worn the same thing for four weeks straight.

5. Get over yourself

Nobody cares about what you’re wearing but you. Chances are, nobody has even noticed you’re wearing the same black trousers as the last three times they saw you. Just enjoy yourself and forget about it!