Wool usually isn’t top of mind when building a summer wardrobe. But let me make a case for merino wool as the ultimate four-season travel fabric.

Why merino wool is a travel-friendly fabric

Regardless of the season, merino wool has some key technical properties travellers will love. Consider the reasons why most suits are made from wool: you don’t want to have to wash them very often, they have to be good for most of the year, they need to be wrinkle-resistant. These are some of the same reasons I wear merino for travel.


Merino has the effect of keeping your body at its ultimate best resting temperature. In fact, it’s also one of the only fabrics that keeps its properties when wet.


Merino wool dries extremely quickly. Two or three passes under a hand dryer is often all it takes. This is great for travel if you plan on washing by hand and rewearing throughout your trip.


If you plan on rewearing items throughout a trip, it’s best if they don’t trap smells or become a breeding ground for bacteria. Merino protects from both.


Wool is easy to steam or iron to release creasing and a blend naturally bounces back.

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How to wear merino wool in the summer

Obviously, this isn’t the time to layer on merino sweaters or suit jackets, but there are plenty of other summertime merino items to love.

The “throw over anything” shirt

wool and prince shirt
Shirt by Wool and Prince

I love menswear and find that long sleeve shirts are super versatile. Throw one over a summer outfit in the evenings, tie it at the waist over a dress, or drape it over my shoulders if the sun is too strong. I have a white one from Wool&Prince and love it. They have men’s and women’s shirts but I shop from both.

The versatile dress

If you’re going to pack one dress, make it a merino wool dress! In fact, the brand Wool& has so many options in lovely colours. They’re designed specifically for women on-the-go who need their clothing to keep up. They also have a great explainer on why wear merino.

Merino wool underwear

My MVP pick is underwear. I get pretty swampy in the humid Montreal summer and I can’t say enough good things about wool underwear, bras, and socks.

Merino shoes

Merino shoes are breathable, easy to wash, and don’t get smelly. What’s not to love? Loafers and sneakers by Allbirds.

allbirds loafers
allbird runners