Is your suitcase collecting dust? Is your dopp kit tucked away in a drawer? If like me, you have several accessories uniquely chosen for a travel-intensive lifestyle, you may feel like it’s all clutter now, silently taunting you.

Luckily, many items I have serve me for travel AND in my life at home.

Travel workout gear designed for small spaces

I have a teeny tiny apartment (that I love!). It’s also short on space for things like living room workout videos. I’ve made it work by getting rid of my carpet and coffee table ever since my condo gym shut down in March.

travel fitness gear

The fitness items I love to bring with me for hotel workouts are the same that I use in my home. Travel-sized foam roller, foldable yoga mat, elastic bands, and sliders. These are all travel-friendly and home-friendly. I really don’t have space to own two of anything, so this is my solution.

Travel beauty tools and products

My main hairdryer is a mini travel hairdryer and that suits me just fine. I’ve also started digging into my stash of travel minis and samples. This has allowed me to save a bit of money and hassle of restocking some of my favourite products. These things expire, so it’s no use waiting for my next trip to use my mini styling spray or face cream. Sunscreen especially has a short lifespan, so I’ve been using up my minis before buying more this season.

beauty accessories

My favourite camping accessories

I use reusable bags for packing snacks. I also use these things for storing leftovers at home! I also love making iced lattes with my minipresso espresso machine picture above. It’s meant for backpacking and camping, but I use it all the time at home. Curious how it works? Read more here.

I’m also currently using a camping chair as a patio chair. The main reason is that I can pack it up and take it with me when I do social-distance hangouts.

camping gear

Read more about my camping gear list!

My “every day carry” items

Every day carry items are the things with me when I am out and about. This includes my mini charger on my keychain, pen and notepad, and this nifty little tool, the porter key, from Everyman.

Everyman porter key 2.0

What about you? What travel items have you been using at home throughout quarantine?