Black Travel Bloggers to Follow Right Now

If you're only following travel bloggers with a white western point of view, you're missing out!
black travel bloggers

How diverse is your Instagram feed? If you’re only following travel bloggers with a white western point of view, you’re missing out!

Right now Americans (and the world) are standing up to systemic racism and Black murder, at a scale that that’s never been seen. The world is demanding policy changes and justice for Black Americans, as well as taking a close look at the racist double standards in their own countries.

Part of supporting the movement is giving more visibility to Black voices, Black excellence, and culture.

Why you need to follow more black travelers

Why follow more Black travel bloggers? What does travel blogging have to do with race? Well, as Ciara from travel blog Hey Ciara puts it, for a Black person, you can’t turn it off, it’s with you wherever you go.

“Traveling(and living) while black means being hyper-aware of your existence and how it shapes your experience within the world. I’m also aware that other people are aware and it’s the exact reason that I have no choice but to be.”

Read her full post here.

I’ve written before about travel and feminism, and from that starting point, I began reading more about race and travel. It’s important as a citizen of the world to know how others experience travel and to know how White people have contributed to denying Black people the same freedoms and luxuries of simply going on vacation.

“For African-Americans, domestic and international exploration used to be filled with significant roadblocks. From the late 19th century until the civil rights era, the lack of parity in pay left African-Americans with little to spend on leisure (a disparity that continues to this day); segregation meant substandard seats and service on public transportation; and finding lodging on the road if you were black, in particular, was a challenge, especially in the South. “The Negro Traveler’s Green Book” was published from 1936 until 1964 to give black travelers a list of places where it was safe to stay and to stop. “

Farai Chideya, New York Times. Read the full article here.

Following people with diverse experiences, perspectives, and travel styles can be a great way to broaden your mind, build empathy, and recognize your own biases. They may also visit places you’ll never get to go to or have even heard of. And, besides all that, they are simply fantastic content creators with great feeds and travel advice.

9 Black travel bloggers to follow right now

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New here? My name is Ciara. I’m a Texas girl who has spent 3 years traveling the world, after saving up to quit my post-grad big girl job. I named my blog Hey Ciara because I wanted this space to feel inspirational, yet attainable. More than the act of traveling, I wanted Hey Ciara to be about making connections online & out in the real world. I wanted you to feel at home…in a sense, like you could ask me anything about travel or life itself with a simple, “Hey Ciara…” As cliche as it sounds, I’ve always relished in sharing the journey more than the destination. So, you’re bound to catch some destination/life highlights but also the solo travel struggles, hostel/hotel horror stories, chance encounters, lost connections, lessons as a twenty something, and tears shed along the way. I write long *ss captions because I aim to share stories/tips/etc you can actually learn from. Don’t get me wrong tho, I love a good photo opp tho cuz I believe we can be many things at once. I’m a Capricorn(NYE baby!!…though not as fun as it sounds), INFP, Enneagram 7. I’m a lover of personality tests and quotes and good music that I can walk to the beat of as I attempt to navigate life and my place in the world. My life motto is “Why not?” – I’ll try (almost) anything once and that endless curiosity has led to stories that will be interesting enough to share with my grandchildren one day. My travel superpowers include my effortless ability to sleep anywhere, discover the best flight deals in all the land(& share here. I got you, duh!), and scope out the best stranger AKA angels to ask for photos. I’m currently in my born city, Houston, with my family & I’m doing the same things I’ve been doing all along – connecting, learning, & sharing bc if travel has taught me anything, it’s too appreciate every part of the journey – even the stillness. If you’re OG(ayeeeeeee!), what have you gained from this community? You’re a real one! If you’re new, say hi plz & share what you’re excited to see from me. In this house, we speak. Honored to share this journey with you. Tomorrow I wanna know all about you – stay tuned! ❤️Until then, ask me anything in the comments! 📸 @rach.bires

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CROATIA 🇭🇷 – COUNTRY 22 OF 195⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I've visited every country in the world and now more than ever we are realizing exactly how connected we are. Over the next few weeks I am going to go country by country and share my favorite memories and current COVID-19 cases. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ As of May 12th Croatia has 2,196 confirmed COVID-19 cases. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ I have been to Croatia twice and loved it booth times. I’ve visited Dubrovnik, Brac and Split and recommend each place. Renting a car and driving in Croatia is also very easy to do and a great way to explore the country. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Dubrovnik can get very very crowded, but is definitely worth the visit and if you aren’t staying directly in the city center, you can get a good workout in getting back to your Airbnb for hotel! The city is very very hilly. ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ While in Dubrovnik the second time, I did the Game of Thrones tour which I highly recommend. The seafood is outstanding throughout the country!! Writing this now is making my mouth water, thinking of mussels, sea bass and shrimp. Mmmmmmm. I highly recommend @lajkrestoran. I ate there once for lunch and once for dinner on consecutive days!⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ The Mediterranean coast and vibes offers a relaxed beach vacation punctuated by chilled white wine and delicious salads. Can you tell I love Croatia? ⁣⁣ ⁣⁣ Please share some travel memories or tips from Croatia! If you live in Croatia can you share with us how COVID-19 is affecting you? #catchmeincroatia

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Visualizing a positive way forward 🌺

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