Minimalist packing doesn’t allow for the extras (or being extra) and often, excess toiletries are the first to get cut from the list.  However, if you’re a real beauty enthusiast, you may prioritise your makeup and cosmetics over clothes, so here is my packing list for you beauty junkies.


While the rest of us deal with air-drying our hair or using whatever blow dryer is available at a hotel or airbnb, beauty enthusiasts know the difference a good device can make on getting perfect, shiny, voluminous blowouts. For that reason, they pack their own blow dryer. I personally compromise and bring this tiny travel-sized blow dryer. I know it does a good job without taking up too much room. 

One way I reduce frizz in my curly hair is bringing a special microfibre towel. Sometimes, a yoga towel serves both as a hair towel and for my yoga mat or I’ll bring this special turban designed to dry hair quickly and without adding damage. 

If you want to pack for great hair, don’t skimp of hair care products but try to bring your favourites in travel sizes. One way to reduce the number of liquids you bring is to choose more solid products, like the Lush solid shampoo bars, which I always pack in HumanGear plastic carrying cases. 


Beauty buffs take their skincare seriously and are constantly keeping an eye on their moisture levels. They drink lots of water and travel with mini moisturizers and lotions and aren’t shy about cleansing their face and applying a terrifying sheet mask on the plane. If this is you, you can reduce the number of liquids you bring by considering some powder cosmetic options. You can also reduce the size of your toiletry bag by choosing mini tools, like this Foreo mini facial scrubber


While travel blogs (including this one) recommend trying to minimise your makeup bag with dual-purpose makeup and compacts, my makeup-loving friends tell me they’d rather stick to the same products at home or while traveling to be able to create their signature look. You do you! I love the mini versions of popular cosmetics sold at Sephora, but if you already have all the products you love, just bring your makeup kit as is.  

The only thing I would caution while traveling with full-size or expensive makeup is protecting it. Make sure your products are properly closed, won’t leak, or get crushed. Also, you may want to choose makeup brushes that have covers or get a separate envelope for them so they don’t get flattened or make a mess in your bag. 



  • Your signature scent in a travel-friendly format

You have your signature scent, it’s part of who you are. Just make sure you’re choosing a version of your perfume that is travel-friendly. Take a look at my tips here.


You wouldn’t be a beauty enthusiast without the extras, which can be anything trendy! Jade roller, moisturizing gloves, micro-needler (not sure if TSA-approved), biotin gummies, teeth whitening kit, nail kit. All of these little extras wouldn’t usually make the cut for other travelers, but for you, they add to making you feel great. Don’t forget the silk sleep mask and pillowcase. 

Happy Travels xox