Sustainable fashion is really important to me. My first means to tackle the problem of fast fashion is to stop buying things I don’t need. After that, I try to shop second-hand and to buy from companies that are Certified B Corporation, sustainable and ethical.

Organic Basics is a Copenhagen-based brand that specializes, in you guessed it…basics! Underwear, t-shirts, loungewear, swim, knits, and accessories, all from organic, eco-friendly, or recycled materials. As a certified B Corp and 1% for the planet member, sustainability is built into their business. 

organic basics tencel bra

Testing out their TENCEL™ line

Organic Basics reached out to me to have me try a few of their TENCEL pieces. TENCEL is an interesting fabric because it’s made from recycled pulp. So, it’s both natural AND recycled. It’s often present in the mixed fabrics used in Allbirds products, another B Corp company. According to TENCEL’s website, its main properties are: natural origin, long-lasting softness, breathability, biodegradable, strength, and sustainable production. Choosing fabrics like these is part of living and travelling more sustainably.

I was sent the TENCEL Lounge Pack in Olive and the Bralette and Tanga Starter Pack in Cedar. 

My Organic Basics review

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