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Denim is not what a contemporary traveller would call a travel-friendly fabric. Although it’s super tough and fashion-wise, goes with *everything*, it’s missing some basic more technical benefits. In fact, cotton like denim is stiff, hard to wash, slow to dry, and doesn’t have any particularly special properties like being thermo-regulating or antimicrobial. However, there’s nothing quite like the confidence you get from wearing your favourite pair of jeans. So, how do you decide if you should bring jeans on your next trip? Read on!

Would I wear jeans with the activities and weather on this trip?

Sometimes in your day-to-day, you couldn’t go a week without wearing a pair of jeans, however, think about your destination and the life you’ll be living there. But the first rule of packing a travel capsule wardrobe is determining weather and activities

If you’re on vacation for example, your day might look wildly different than what you would have at home, where you love your jeans. If you’re in a warmer climate or on vacation (or both!), it may inspire you to wear breezier, more relaxed items or a white summer jean with a looser fit! 

On the flip side, if your travels involve activities where you would normally enjoy wearing jeans, go for it! Build the travel capsule wardrobe you want and outfits that make you feel confident.

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Will I be comfortable?

If your travel plans involve long train and plane rides or hiking and beach trips, jeans might not be the best fit. However, there are so many different types of denim now that you can easily pick one that is comfortable around the waist or has more lycra/elastic to feel more comfortable. Take a close look at what will allow you to enjoy your trip the most to make an informed decision on comfort and style.

Am I picking the right pair?

I remember reading somewhere that you should only pack the clothes you feel awesome in. If you pack ones you feel less confident about, you may wake up and hate everything in your suitcase. And that’s not a fun way to start a day. I tend to apply this advice to the jeans I pack too. I only take the ones I feel great in, not the ones that require just the right styling and shoes to work for me. That can seem a little boring but in the end, it means I rarely have to second-guess my outfits.

Furthermore, some jeans have more stretch, more pockets, a longer inseam and other features that make them a better fit for certain weather and activities. For travel days, I prefer jeans with a looser fit, more stretch, or the ones I purposefully bought a size up. Plus, in the winter, I avoid cropped jeans unless I’m wearing taller boots.

Are they going to last?

Travelling light means wearing the same clothes over and over again, so you want to make sure you’re packing jeans that won’t get too dirty, will withstand everything you have planned, and be with you for trips in the future. Getting high-quality denim will help you check all those boxes.