Christmas is upon us and whether you’re travelling home from where you live or leaving home to visit family elsewhere, there’s usually packing involved!

I’ll be spending 10 days in Kansas City as it’s been my tradition for the past five years. Based on experience, the packing list for a typical Christmas trip is very laid back and involves outfits for:

  • Lounging and napping
  • Fun games and light running
  • Walking around holding hot chocolate or lattes
  • A few party outfits
  • Some cosy dinner party outfits
how to pack for a christmas holiday

I left out some of the basics here, so I’d recommend throwing in a few more t-shirts and underlayers to wear under sweaters. This time, the uniform I’ve chosen is jeans and knits, with appropriate footwear. If you follow my tips for putting together a winter packing list, you’ll know that once I plan for the weather and the activities, the next step is setting a colour scheme. I love chocolate browns, golds, and soft textures around Christmas, so that’s what I’ve chosen.

packing for christmas

Sweaters: Everlane alpaca in Java, Equipment striped sweater

Coats: Camel coat and black puffy coat

Pants: Everlane cheeky jeans and Mott & Bow Mom jean

Shoes: Everlane rainboots, Vagabond Joyce croc boots, Nike Cortez sneakers

Dress: Zara dress, styled three ways here.

Where are you headed over the Christmas break? If you’re travelling on a long plane ride, don’t forget to take a look at my in-flight essentials!