The year 2020 is well underway and to help you make informed decisions when purchasing new gear, I want to share my best travel purchases of 2019. I write this blog post every year, so be sure to check 2016, 2017 and 2018 to see what made the cut in the past!

My best travel gear purchases of 2019

All things considered, this year has been a pretty tame one for travel gear acquisitions. I already have a suitcase that I love, a Nexus pass, and a down coat that I take with me everywhere, so what more could I need?! Let’s start with beauty items.

Travel Beauty Buys


I’ve already shared how much I love my Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, but in addition to that, eye drops were a $4 item I started packing with me more regularly that totally made a difference. Highly recommend.

Drunk Elephant Facial Soap

These little facial soaps from Drunk Elephant are such high-quality skincare products and non-liquid! As you know, I’m all about solid alternatives and I really like these. I also really love Lush shampoo bars, but those aren’t new to the list.

Stackable Makeup from Trinny London

A late addition to my 2019 travel stack were these stacking pots from Trinny London. Some are filled with Trinny London products and others have face cream and foundation. I like how they click into each other for the ultimate minimalist makeup tower.

Travel Bags

I added a few new items to my travel bag rotation, one of which is this basic Le Pliage Neo bag from Longchamp. It is such a simple and travel-friendly purse. I often fold it flat and take it with me for day trips and as an everyday purse. Easy to clean and flat when packed up, it’s been on so many of my recent trips.

Longchamp Le Pliage Bag

Everlane Packable Backpack

Another little fave packable bag is this $35 packaway backpack from Everlane. It folds up into a tiny pouch when not used but quickly unfolds into a nifty little daypack that’s big enough for a 13″ computer.

Millenny Backpack

A third new bag and one that was gifted to me was this leather backpack from Millenny. It was so stylish and practical, I took it with me for the entire summer in Europe.

New Clothing

I don’t have that many new purchases to rave about for 2019. I did buy clothes, but few things stand out as being major travel must-haves. However, there is one item I loved so much I bought it in multiples: the linen shirt from Uniqlo. It was the perfect way to prevent sunburns all year. I took either a blue or white one (or both!) to Hawaii, California, Germany, Bulgaria, Kansas City, and more.

Uniqlo Linen Shirt

Other Travel Upgrades

Nomad Universal Cable

I got a bunch of new tech items in 2019, including really practical cables from Nomad. The three-ended Universal Cable was probably my most used in 2019.

Huzi Infinity Pillow

I love love love the Infinity Pillow and everyone who gets one on my recommendation loves it too. I take it on all my long-haul flights.

Stojo Collapsible Coffee Cup

I drink a lot of coffee and packing a reusable coffee cup is a must for me, however, when empty, they always take up room. The Stojo was a nice way to fix that problem, since it collapses down into a flatter item when not used.

That’s it from me. What were your travel MVPs last year?