I just spent a week in Kansas City, a place I’ve been to quite a few times and for which I’ve already shared several capsules. As I was packing for this latest trip, it hit me I was only packing black, white, and creamy neutral-coloured items. I don’t know why, but that’s the mood I am currently in.

Without thinking, I assembled a pretty great capsule with basically only white and black (with the exception of a rogue pink bodysuit and denim shorts). Everything else is either brown, wood-coloured, or cream.

There are a few ways to pull off a black and white capsule without being boring.

Don’t pack repeats

I have a several black tops, but each serves a purpose. The tank is for hot days or times when I want to show off more skin to balance out a wide leg. The black t-shirts offer more coverage and a casual tone. The white t-shirt serves a different purpose than the white linen shirt. For each item, I have specific events and occasions in mind which helped me edit out pieces that were TOO similar.

Pack interesting prints and textures

This H&M python skirt is beautiful and trendy but also totally neutral. I can pair it with another print like the stripe or polkadot. I’m not afraid to mix prints because everything is in the same family of colours. I also like that each element stands out in its own way, so even an all-black outfit has some interesting texture to elevate it.

how to pack monochrome
On the steps at the Plaza in Kansas City

Embrace makeup and jewellery

Black on black or all-white outfits can be incredibly chic and also be a blank canvas for a bold red lip or wild hair. It’s also a great backdrop for stand-out pieces of jewellery. Don’t be too concerned with matching your metals: I always mix silver and gold.

Choose high-quality shoes and bags

My theory is that you can shop exclusively at bargain stores and no one will know the difference if you have high-quality shoes and bags. Minimalist capsules are a place where you want your accessories to be elegant and well-made. For this capsule, most of my shoes were leather and because it’s summer, I packed my beaded bag and a canvas hat.

how to pack light
On the lawn of the Nelson-Atkins Museum in Kansas City

Own it

Black and white is CHIC! Just make it your thing and you’ll always have an easy capsule to fall back on in a pinch.

Kansas City summer
At a rooftop pool downtown Kansas City

Happy Travels xox

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