For beauty enthusiasts, packing all your favourite cosmetics and beauty tools can tricky. They take up so much space! That’s one reason I actually love the mini sizes and samples that beauty brands make, even if sometimes it’s less bang for your buck. One example of using the mini version of something is my love of the ISSA kids by FOREO Sweden toothbrush. Originally designed for kids 5 to 12, I, a 29-year-old woman, absolutely love this little toothbrush as my go-to for travel. It’s smaller than the adult size but packs just as much cleaning action, in my opinion. I believe there were so many adults like me who preferred the small size that they released the ISSA mini in response. 

Bacteria-resistant medical-grade silicone

issa kids features

T-Sonic Pulsations

issa kids

This brush holds a charge

One of the annoying features of other electric toothbrushes is the bulky carrying case. That’s one of the huge perks of the ISSA kids but also of all FOREO Sweden products. Like Apple products, I’ve bought into their system of long-lasting batteries and one charging cable to rule them all. I use the same cable to charge my ISSA kids, my BEAR mini, my LUNA 2, and my UFO 2. When travelling, I don’t like fiddling with yet another device to charge, especially when in countries where I need an outlet adapter. With the super-long battery life, that’s not an issue with the ISSA, and the USB charging cable means I can plug it into any wall charger, travel battery, or even my laptop. 

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