Set realistic goals that work with your vacations plans, not against them 

Use your surroundings and take advantage of what's available 

working out in the park

Every little bit of movement counts, it doesn't have to be all or nothing. 

Practice intuitive eating vs calorie counting 

Start your day with a workout

Don't wait for others

Pack equipment that's travel-friendly 

I have a whole blog post on travel-friendly workout gear with plenty of suggestions. But in a nutshell, some of my favourite items to pack for travel-friendly workouts are:

  • Workout clothes, obviously. I try to pick things I can easily wash in a sink and dry quick, like merino tops. I also try to be smart about my workout wear so I can wear it with other non-workout things too to maximize my wardrobe.
  • I also try to pick cuter sneakers, so I can pair them with other outfits, like dresses.
  • Resistance bands are also some of my favourite things to pack to level up a body-weight workout. 
  • Sliders pack flat and have two sides, so you can use them on carpets and hardwood floors. 
  • You can simply pack a yoga towel and use a regular towel underneath to create a bit of padding, or you can also pack a grippy thin travel mat if you need that. 
  • I haven’t personally used these, but there are bags that you can fill with water to turn them into dumbbells, which I find pretty ingenious. 
  • A skipping rope is also one of my favourite easy-to-pack fitness items and I use them in parking lots, concrete patios and anywhere where I’m not bothering anyone with the jumping. 

Tune into online workouts 

working out online

Be gentle so you don't hurt yourself, put yourself in danger, or exhaust yourself

Lastly, for people who work out hard, make sure you don’t ruin your trip by getting injured on vacation. If you don’t have travel insurance, a trip to the hospital in a foreign country can be expensive and complicated. For minor injuries, it can just be a huge pain in the butt and put a wrench in your sightseeing plans. Take it easy, don’t put yourself at risk, and hydrate! Avoid intense workouts at peak hours for the sun and heat, and drink lots of water. Stop if you feel faint. Also, jogging outside is a pretty western concept, so depending on where you’re visiting, it might be unsafe to go jogging in some neighbourhoods. Make sure you are informed about safety where you are. 

And that’s it, those are my tips for keeping up with your fitness goals on vacation. 

Happy Travels xoxo