In July, I packed up two suitcases and flew to Kansas City, Missouri. I only had a placeholder return ticket. With so many loved ones in the midwest, I decided to live out the rest of “pandemic summer” closer to them. I’ve done semesters abroad, and lived in Europe for the past two summers. So, packing for a long trip isn’t foreign to me.

What I packed for my 3-month trip

This time around, I brought a good amount of lounge clothes (because I’m not really going anywhere). But, I also brought along unique pieces that were too beautiful to shelve. Take a look at what I packed below.

summer capsule wardrobe

Earlier this year, I put together a spring capsule wardrobe which was essentially a list of my work-from-home fashion favourites. Now that it’s too hot for so many knits, I scaled back and added more tank tops and t-shirts. That being said, Americans keep their homes so cold! That’s why I still have a lot of pants and long-sleeve shirts here.

Curious about anything on this list? Here’s the rundown.

Workout wear + swimwear

I packed a good amount of workout wear on this trip as a way to manifest my desire to get more fit. It’s only half working 🙃. Pieces include workout tanks, bras, leggings, as well as a workout dress for throwing over a swimsuit or for those really hot sweaty days. Some of my favourite pieces are from Outdoor Voices (get $20 off here). My favourite swimwear right now is hands down YouSwim. I’m just waiting for a restock to get another colour bikini.

Tanks and tops in multiple colours

I’m a creature of habit and when I like something, I get it in a few colours. This summer, that means soft, boxy t-shirts. Right now my fave t-shirts are from Mott & Bow. The 50% Tencel makes them SO soft.

Casual clothing with a happy twist

A good chunk of my summer clothes are serious: black and beige trousers, leather sandals in neutral colours, and streamlined tops. That’s the combined result of my personal style and living in a French city. But this year, I’ve been branching out to include more whimsical items, like my favourite tie-dye shirt from American TyeDye. I also love these bright red paisley sandals from Freedom Moses. Along with some good old Levi’s denim, I’m all set.

Stand out dresses and skirts

Dresses are some of the best all-in-one outfits. I packed a couple of these pieces that do all the talking. It’s also a good way to wear things that feel special, even if nothing special is happening right now.

On my list from top to bottom in the image above: STAUD shook sweater, Joseph gingham dress (similar here), Red linen dress, Stine Goya satin skirt, white denim dress,