If you have pets, travelling a lot can be tricky. Who cares for them in your absence? Do you take them along? Like my guide on plants, here are a few tips for what to do with your non-human dependants when you leave.

Take your pets with you on trips

Lots of people opt to take their animal with them when they travel. If your animal is considered an Emotional Support Animal (with a doctor’s note), you can take them in the cabin with you when you fly. Here’s a quick guide on Emotional Support Animals (ESA).

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If they can’t come in the cabin with you, they can go in cargo hold. Here’s a guide on putting your animals under the plane.

If you want to road trip with your pet, you might want to get some tips from a vet in case they get carsick. There are also some safety considerations for the driver as well. Read up on best practices with this guide on travelling by car with your pets.

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Get a friend, neighbour, or roommate to help

If you have someone you trust, you can ask them to stop by and care for your animal. If it’s a long trip, you may consider relocating the animal to that house. While pets like cats prefer to be in a familiar place, dogs need company, so making it convenient for your animal sitter to spend loads of time with your dog is key. Just like with pets, make sure you show your gratitude. You never know when you’ll have to ask for them to watch your pet again.

Use an app like Rover

If you would rather entrust your animal with someone with experience, use an app like Rover. It has vetted caretakers who might be more experienced with your animal’s particular needs. A cat with diabetes for example, requires more care and someone who isn’t afraid of needles.

Travel too much for pets? Become a foster!

If you love animals but can’t give them a happy home, you can do like me and foster them until they are adopted by a loving home. It’s win-win. You can have a temporary pet, while helping that animal find its forever home.