I love having a lush house with lots of plants. I also like to travel for weeks on end. Leaving a lot is the main reason I never got a new cat after my last one passed away. But plants are a different story.

I have at least 10 plants in my house and any time I leave for more than five days, I have to think about their wellbeing. Here are the ways I’ve managed to have both a jungle oasis and a full travel schedule.

Pick hardy plants

The best way to ensure your plants survive your absence is to pick hardy plants. Pick indoor plants that are low-maintenance and bounce back. You could also consider getting dried plants instead. Dried pampas grass is certainly having a moment right now.

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Ask a roommate or neighbour

The best option is to have a roommate, neighbour, or trusted friend stop by. Share a calendar with them so they know when your trip is and when to water them. It never hurts to throw in a small gift to say thanks.

Relocate your plants

For an extended leave, I’ve preferred to outright relocate my plants to a new temporary home. This can be a neighbour or a friend’s house. I’ve also sold plants or given them away before a long trip (1-3 months). It can be a big ask to get someone to stop by your house every week for 3 months. This is often the better option in that case.

Hire a “plant sitter” or a cleaning person

Occasionally, I’ve asked a local cleaning person to pop in and check on my home and water my plants. If you would rather a proven plant expert tend to your plant family, consider hiring a plant sitter. I either give them a key beforehand or use a lockbox to grant them access.

How to hire a plant sitter

Ask your guests or renters

The perfect win-win situation is when I can rent our my space during a long trip, and have the tenant water my plants. This means extra income for me and someone on-site to housesit. Or, consider using HomeExchange to have a free house sitter and earn house swap points.

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fake plants

Don’t have real plants

The last solution is to avoid this problem altogether. Skip plants and add bits of green in other ways. Consider moss wall decorations, faux succulents, and other convincing fake plant types. If you really love fresh flowers and plants in your home in between trips, you could always buy flowers and enjoy them while they last instead of committing to plants.

Happy Travels xox