While most people think of island-hopping when picturing a Greek vacation, my latest trip to Greece was for business and in the heart of the city of Athens. This packing list would therefore lend itself super well to any cosmopolitan trendy European city, given the right weather conditions and activities.

This trip was earlier in November, with temperatures ranging from 15°C ( 59°F) at night to 22°C (72°F) in the daytime. There was rain for one day at the beginning of my trip, but it was beautiful for the rest of the time.

This was a business trip but not a super serious one. Instead of meeting with investors or my bosses like on previous trips, it was a meetup with people from my department, which was more than 20 people. So, while we were there for business, having meetings, workshops, and training, it was also a really fun group trip. We had dinner at a new restaurant every night, went dancing, sang karaoke, went to a museum, visited the Acropolis, and stayed up until the wee hours of the morning. I work remotely, so we only get to do this once a year and this year, it was in Greece.

If you watched my packing for Switzerland video, this will be the second time you hear me say that this Fall, my colour scheme of choice is brown and blue. No real reason, other than I’m feeling these colours and thus, have added a few pieces in those tones that I’m pretty excited about. I’m also heavy into the nineties revival, which will become more obvious later in this video. I’m also leaning into unexpected Cowboy details.


The inspiration for my looks was definitely minimal business casual 90’s and by chance, a few items had a bit of Western flair to them.

The Packing List

I focused on versatile layers and some standout pieces to make a stylish but laid-back capsule.

The Outfits

I packed more than I needed for 7 days, but I would pack like this again for a much longer trip because I felt like I had everything I needed! Would look back on this list for 1-2 month trips too.

Hope this inspires you for your next trip!

Happy travels xox