With cold and flu season approaching and on the heels of the pandemic, our approach to staying healthy while travelling has undergone significant changes over the past three years. I’ve adapted my habits, becoming more vigilant with hand hygiene and avoiding face-touching. However, this altered landscape has impacted other aspects, such as receiving flu shots alongside scheduling COVID boosters. To aid both myself and fellow travellers, I’ve compiled top tips to enhance immunity this fall and winter. Let’s dive in!

Disclaimer and Approach

Firstly, a disclaimer: I’m not a healthcare professional, but I prioritize evidence-based medicine, relying on vaccines and prescribed antibiotics. Additionally, I appreciate traditional naturopathic remedies passed down through generations.

Environmental Precautions

Focus on Air Quality

Starting with prevention tips, prioritize air quality within your surroundings. Clean and maintain ventilation, eliminate dusty carpeting and curtains, check for mold, use air purifiers, and clean AC filters. Depending on your location and its impact on sinuses, consider humidifiers or dehumidifiers.

Maintain a Clean Living Space

The environment you live in significantly impacts overall health. Keep your home clean, free from mites and mold, and disinfect regularly. If sharing space with school-aged children, emphasize handwashing and frequent surface disinfection. Adopt daily habits like lowering the toilet seat cover before flushing, especially if toothbrushes are nearby.

How to boost your immune system

Body-Centric Prevention

Stress Reduction and Sleep Hygiene

Prioritize stress reduction and quality sleep as integral elements of maintaining good health. Numerous online resources offer guidance for stress management and improving sleep hygiene. Quality sleep profoundly influences overall well-being.

Healthy Diet and Exercise

Maintain a healthy diet and exercise routine personalized to your needs. Reduce alcohol and tobacco consumption, opt for vitamin and mineral-rich foods like leafy greens and healthy fats, while minimizing junk food intake. Seek additional nutrition advice from reputable sources if necessary.

How to boost your immune system

Supplemental Boosts

Vitamin C, D, and Other Supplements

Consider supplementing with Vitamin C, D, ginger, zinc, echinacea, or other immune-enhancing supplements. Follow dosage instructions and commence intake several days or weeks before travelling for optimal absorption and benefits.

Vaccination Prioritization

Prioritize getting flu shots, COVID boosters, and any vaccines recommended for specific travel destinations. Ensure consultation with a travel vaccine list to receive necessary vaccines for your chosen location.

Hygiene Practices

Keep your nose and throat clean by adopting practices recommended by ear-nose-and-throat specialists. Regular sinus rinses, toothbrush hygiene, gargling with saltwater or apple cider vinegar can mitigate bacterial entry through the mouth.

Anecdotal Tips

Explore anecdotal practices like bundling up and drinking hot liquids for warmth and potential health benefits. Consider oregano oil or garlic supplements, known for their antiseptic and immune-boosting properties in various cultures.

How to boost your immune system

Travel-Specific Measures

Hygiene during Travel

During travel, avoid suspicious water and opt for bottled or filtered options. Wear masks in crowded spaces and on planes, frequently wash hands, sanitize surfaces, maintain distance, and prioritize personal hygiene to minimize exposure.

If Unwell, Prioritize Rest and Care

Finally, if feeling unwell, prioritize rest, hydration, and avoiding travel. Seek medical attention and consider travel insurance or credit cards covering health-related disruptions.

That’s all from me! Stay safe, be well, and happy travels xox