Is your immune system ready for flying this winter? Need some tips to boost immunity from colds and flus?

It’s nearly cold and flu season and we’re already in a pandemic, so keeping yourself healthy when you travel is top of mind for many of us. In this video, I’ll share 5 tips on how to boost your immune system before you travel.

First a disclaimer that I’m not a healthcare professional in any way, so these are just my own tips based on my personal experience.

Tip 1: Keep yourself healthy by keeping your house clean.

The environment you live in is crucial to your overall health. Keep your house clean, well ventilated, mite-free and mold-free, and disinfect often. If you share a house with school-aged children, you already know what a vector for germs they can be. So you probably know how important it is to make sure everyone washes their hands and surfaces are regularly disinfected.

How to boost your immune system

Tip 2: Boost your immune system by reducing stress and having good sleeping habits.

There are loads of resources online to help you de-stress and manage anxiety, as well as guides to develop better sleep hygiene. Sleep is so vital to our overall wellbeing, so this is high on my list of tips

How to boost your immune system

Tip 3: Strengthen immunity with diet and fitness.

This tip is pretty generic but worth noting…Have a healthy diet and exercise often. What this means to you specifically varies from person to person, so I won’t give any recommendations beyond that. Personally, I load up on vitamin and mineral-rich foods like leafy greens, healthy fats, and other whole foods. I also drink water and try to stay active, wherever I am!

Tip 4: Boost your immune system with vitamin C and vitamin D before your trip.

Of the supplements to build up your immune system, Vitamin C and Vitamin D are my favourite and the ones that seem to have enough science to back it up. Ginger, zinc, and echinacea can also make a difference if you want to go all-in on supplements.

Tip 5: Get your flu shot before flying on a plane.

I get my flu shot every year without fail. It’s easy, cheap, and gives you a little extra protection for you and those around you.

How to boost your immune system

Tip 6: Stay healthy by keeping your nose and throat clean.

This tip is directly from my Otorhinolaryngology or ear-nose-and-throat doctor. If I start to have a stuffy nose, I do a sinus rinse or a neti-pot rinse regularly to keep bacteria out of my nose and throat. I also make sure to swap out my toothbrush head or clean my toothbrush regularly. Bacteria most often enter our body through our mouth, so oral hygiene is a big factor. Gargle with saltwater or apple cider vinegar if you’re starting to feel a scratchy throat coming on.

And the last thing I’ll add to that is I like to rub a little bit of the Sage immunity oil blend into my palms and inhale deeply. Not sure it does anything, but it really unblocks any stuffiness.

That’s it from me! Stay safe and stay well, and happy travels.