Packing Tips

How I Use Packing Cubes in 5 Gifs

Be a square and make packing easier by compartmentalizing your suitcase.

I love packing cubes. They keep my suitcase organized and allow me to pack a few more items in when I’m feeling indecisive. My favourite brand of packing cubes is Mountain Equipment Coop’s two-sided zip cube. I know best practice is to roll all of your clothing, but with my packing cubes, it depends, as pictured below.


On my California/Nevada trip, I packed four pairs of pants, one of which I wore on the plane. Pictured above, I just folded my pants into the right size for the packing cube and lay them flat inside one side.


Then I flipped the packing cube upside down to reveal the second zippered compartment. I brought several blouses that I rolled into small burritos (I was feeling inspired by my destination).


I used another medium sized packing cube for sweaters, a dress, leggings, and other leftover clothing.


I tucked both medium-sized cubes on the side of my suitcase with the handle, with the heaviest of the two on the wheel side. I then used the other side for bulkier outerwear, shoes, my toiletries case, and another small packing cube with my socks and underwear. Not pictured is me stuffing other small items like a jewelry pouch, an umbrella, and a travel lint roller into my shoes and other nooks and crannies.


Zip it all up and you’re set!