I’m sharing 10 solid beauty products and cosmetics you can use to replace liquids, so that when you travel, you can leave more room in these quart-sized baggies for your absolute favourites. Let’s go!

This post contains a lot of links to Well.ca, because it’s a great place to find clean beauty products. Until November 21, 2020, use coupon capsulenovember10 to get $10 off your purchase of $40+.

A quick reminder about airport security rules regarding liquids.
In your carry-on, according to the TSA, and really, most countries’ airport security, you can bring 1 quart-sized bag, filled with bottles under 3oz. They call it the 3-1-1 rule, 3 oz, 1 quart, 1 person. Anything else has to go in a checked bag. Even more reason to pack fewer liquids!

So what does that have to do with solid beauty products? Well, trying to fit everything you want into the regulatory little baggies can be difficult. You might want to save this space for your absolute non-negotiable liquid beauty products. You know, your LaMer face cream, for example, or that anti-itch cream you really can’t live without.

1. Pack a bar of soap instead of body wash

The first one is an obvious one, body wash. Pack a bar of soap instead.

Some of my favourites:
Glossier Body Hero exfoliating bar (get 10% off here)
Aesop body slab
Well.ca selection

2. Use a solid moisturizer bar instead of lotion

Your body lotion can also be substituted by a moisturizing stick or lotion bar. These can sometimes look like soap bars, or even deodorant sticks, but they quickly warm up and sink into your skin when applied.

solid moisturizing bar

3. Use a face-specific facial cleansing bar

I don’t exactly recommend using the same bar of soap as #1, but there are bars that are specifically for your face. One of my favourites is this little duo from Drunk Elephant.

solid beauty products drunk elephant

4. Use a solid face serum

Believe it or not, face serum can also be solid! Lush are the champions of solid, no packaging cosmetics, so you should check out their line of face care items.

solid beauty products face serum
Lush face serum
solid beauty products face cream
Well.ca face cream

5. Pack a sunscreen stick

Much like your body lotion, these little sunscreen sticks often look like deodorant or even a glue stick, but work just as well as liquid sunscreen.

solid beauty products sunscreen
Just a few from the Well.ca selection

6. Solid shampoo bars and conditioners

Solid Shampoo and conditioner have been around for a while and are worth checking out. I’m personally a fan of Lush’s solid shampoo, but not so much the solid conditioner, but I really want to try the Proudest Pony ones next!

solid beauty products proudest pony

7. Replace liquid foundation with stick foundation

Stick foundation sounds odd but I actually love it. I use the W3ll People stick and buff it in with a travel foundation brush. It’s buildable coverage and really easy to transport.

w3ll people foundation

Replace spray-on perfume for solid perfume

The next one is solid perfume. These aren’t just practical, they can also be super cute. You can also read my whole post on packing perfume. Joe Malone has a fun palette too!

solid perfume jo malone

Swap your bottle of mouthwash for mouthwash tablets

Now to dental hygiene. Mouthwash can be substituted with instant mouthwash tablets! These ones are from By Humankind and dissolve into mouthwash. (Get 15% off here) In fact, they have a whole line of awesome solid, package-free products.

by humankind solid beauty products

Bring solid toothpaste

And my last one is toothpaste! That’s right, the scientists at Lush have developed toothy tabs, toothpaste that you crush and mix with water to form a literal paste to scrub your teeth clean. They used to even have powder toothpaste. I have a whole post on powder cosmetics here.

Lush solid toothy tabs

And that’s it, 10 solid beauty alternatives to your liquid cosmetics. If I’ve missed any or you have one to recommend, leave a comment below!

Happy Travels xoxo