My best friend is getting married and to celebrate, we planned a low-key bachelorette party for her at a nearby resort. One night, three rooms, 9 girls, and a whole lot of laughing. In the process of planning, we made decisions about the event that definitely had a big impact on what I packed.

Packing for an International Bachelorette

By far the most expensive and jet-set option, an international Bachelorette party requires a lot of planning. Your packing list should follow the basic rules of my other international lists, which are: pack for the elements, the activities, and the overall vibe. Plus, pack the chargers, converters, and currencies needed for the country. For trips with many activities like a Bachelorette, you’ll also want to factor in what you’ll need to make those happen: games, accessories, or sufficient cash if the country operates more on liquid money. These are all things to consider and may require checking a bag. Get together as a group to decide if you can split the items to bring among your luggage or if you’ll use one suitcase for these items.

Packing for a Destination Weekend Bachelorette

This is what we did and a really great option for a nearby, affordable, yet special party. You can visit a resort or even rent a cottage together. Keep in mind resorts and chalets can vary wildly in terms of amenities but the basics are the same and dictated three a few major types of outfits:

  • Fancy pyjamas: The point is to spend a lot of time together, which includes bonding time well into the night. Get some nice loungewear or pyjamas to hang out in the common areas or designated party room together.
  • Poolside or beachside: Bring more than one bathing suit since you may be spending a lot of time hopping from activities to the pool to dinner and back again. Bring whatever accessories you need, like a sun hat, bathing suit coverup, flip flops, and bag.
  • Dinner out: You may have a fancy dinner or plans to go out. Pack at least one nice outfits for photos and dinner or partying.
  • Wellness: The trend on Instagram is to have Bachelorettes include a yoga session or physical activity. Pack shoes you for walking as well as a yoga outfit in case the bride is a big fan of morning sun salutations.

Whether you’re going abroad or just an hour out of town, consider what you need to bring to have a great time and make it special. Do you need to bring your own food and drinks? Do you have games with special supplies? Is someone in charge of taking photos? Do you have decorations to set up or an audiovisual presentation that requires equipment? Plan ahead so you can share the task of packing the extras among the guests.

Matching outfits is also a trendy thing to do. Plan in advance whether you want to have t-shirts made, buy a specific themed outfit, or have a dress code for your event and communicate that to the whole group so no one is caught off guard.

Packing for a Night Out

This is by far the simplest option and easy to pack for. Grab your keys, wallet, and a fully charged phone to capture it all. Bring extra cash and always line up a way to get you and the bride home safe.

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