I like to think I’m pretty low maintenance with my makeup. I often bring only 3-4 makeup items, and limit my toiletries to the minimum. So, when my aesthetician Olya from Esthetologic offered me a trial eyelash lift and tint in her salon in Montreal, I was curious. Would this be a painless way to have amazing lashes without packing an eyelash curler and mascara? Always on the hunt for ways to pack less, I accepted her invitation.

Olya from Esthetologic
My lash artist Olya

What’s an eyelash lift?

From what I understand, an eyelash lift is a lot like getting a perm, but on your lashes. It’s a lot gentler than doing lash extensions, which glues individual lashes to your natural ones to create more length and volume. With an eyelash lift, the eyelashes are isolated using strips of gauzy paper and an eyelid shield. Then, the lashes are coated in a keratin solution, curled up, and permed. The tint is applied to the lashes and can be done in brown or black, depending on how intense you want the result.

What is it like to get a lash lift?

Getting an eyelash lift is a lot like going to the dentist. Laying down for an hour or so on a comfy table or reclined chair is kind of soothing. It can be nice to have a forced rest in the middle of the day. But, the downside is someone is poking and prodding you and that’s not pleasant. I found it a little uncomfortable to keep my eyes closed and try to relax as my lashes felt like they were being brushed over and over again. It wasn’t painful, but if you’re not comfortable with someone getting that close to your eyes, this is not for you. The upside is that they apply a nice collagen under eye mask at the same time.

Once I relaxed, it was a lot easier to enjoy the experience. The plastic lid shields were fine and the lash brushing ended up feeling quite relaxing.

Is it it worth it?

The results were amazing though! It looked like I had the most flattering mascara on or the kind that is natural and separating. The best part was being able to have beautiful lashes like this without any effort for the next two weeks. Now, five days after my lash lift, my lashes still look great. Every morning, I just take a spool brush and brush them through, so each lash is straightened and separated. Would I do it again? Probably not regularly because I don’t find mascara particularly tedious. However, for backpacking trips or sea-side trips where I would want super waterproof mascara, a lash lift is awesome. Or, any special occasion where I know I’ll shed a tear. There’s definitely no doubt about it, the difference is noticeable.