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Useful tips and tricks on how to plan for your next trip and how to make travel more enjoyable. From hotel hacks to lifestyle advice, I share my best practices for easy, restful, and fun adventures.

Travel Tips for Digital Nomads

The Capsule Suitcase is all about streamlining your travel and packing so it’s as enjoyable as possible. I’m based in Montréal, Canada but I can work from anywhere and try to as much as possible. I most often travel for work, so I share tips I’ve learned as a business traveler including how to pick practical-yet-stylish clothes. I also throw in some travel stories, city guides, and item recommendations that make travel more fun and comfortable.

The best tips for frequent travellers

Travel Tips is about making all aspects of your trip as easy and as stress-free as possible. This covers everything from packing to staying at your destination, and beyond. I share minimalist packing recommendations and travel know-how for your adventures.

Learn about travelling like a pro

Travelling is not only about where you’re going. It’s also about leaving room for souvenirs from your trip on the way back. And sometimes it’s about all the ways your suitcase can break and how to fix them. In this category, I help you make informed decisions about all aspects of your trip. You may not be able to predict what could go wrong while you travel, so I’ll help you be prepared for some of the avoidable inconveniences. Like tips on how to stay clean while travelling. Or how to get a good night’s sleep anywhere. Additionally, I will also share my favourite things to do in a place you may be visiting for the first time.

If you travel a lot like me, you know that it can put a strain on your relationships back home. I share some advice on how to maintain your friendships while travelling. If you’re lucky and staying with a friend during your adventures, I also have tips on how to be a good houseguest. Ultimately, Travel Tips is all about approaching your trips in a thoughtful way that will prepare you for all aspects of traveling.

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packing a summer hat
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My Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

Summer is a fun time to travel. It can also be the messiest, most exhausting type of trip. In this post, I share my top 5 tips for preparing for summer trips, no matter where you're going.

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Hi, my name is Andrea and I'm an entrepreneur and content creator. I'm obsessed with packing light without sacrificing an ounce of style. Follow my adventures as I share my tips for curating the perfect travel capsule wardrobe that fits in a carry-on!

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