Whether you’re quarantining right now or working to offer vital services to the community, travel is pretty much out of the question. If you’re already feeling antsy since all your upcoming travel plans being canceled, here are some things you can do from your couch to help curb the restlessness.

1. Consume travel-themed media

One of my favourite solo travel bloggers Hey Ciara released a long list of movies on Netflix for all the travel lovers. Travel-themed movies aren’t just ones about tourism though. I find any foreign film offers a glimpse into life in another culture and allows me to understand their values and history even more.

Ciara also followed up with an Instagram post with books to read if you want to escape through some good literature. Read the caption for her list!


I personally love short-form docs and one of my favourite travel shows is Travel Man with Richard Ayoade.

2. Get a travel-themed subscription box

Is your favourite thing about travel to try different foods and flavours? Maybe those can come to you! Subscribe to a food subscription box that has a different theme each time. You could even pair it with a movie from that country to make it a full theme night.

Take a food journey around the world The 8-in-1 Always Pan 728x90

3. Get a modern-day pen pal

When I was a kid, writing to someone in a different country was the ultimate “cultural exchange”. I corresponded with a Sri Lankan girl as well as an Inuit elementary school student. Today, with so many online tools to connect us around the world, there are travel Facebook groups where you can reach out to people and set up cultural exchange dates.

Set up a Zoom call with someone in a totally different place in the world to talk about their lives, how they’re navigating the current situation, and more. It will build empathy, knowledge, and you’ll make a new friend.

4. Make a physical or digital scrapbooks

Maybe you don’t know when your next trip will be, how about reliving your past travels? Sort through photos, train ticket stubs, maps and memories. Put together the scrapbook, a beautiful printed picture book, or even a microsite using something affordable like WordPress.com.

5. Tour a virtual landmark

Many museums have made their VR exhibits available for free online! Now you can tour The Louvre without fighting the crowds.

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Bonus: Start planning your next adventure

It’s way too early to know how long this is all going to last, so DO NOT make any bookings. But, maybe you got some airline credit to spend now and all this cooking at home is allowing you to build up your travel fund. It doesn’t hurt to day dream and iron out some loose plans to have something to boost your spirits. I know the anticipation is one of my favourite parts of planning a trip.

Stay safe xox