Tricky Trends: Straight Crop Denim

I consider myself pretty irreverent when it comes to my style choices. “Life is too short to wear boring clothes”, said a Pinterest pin once. That does not mean I’m immune to a little self-consciousness when I’m trying a new trend though. My latest pilot project? The straight crop, high-waisted jean.

I’ve been seeing it everywhere on fashion blogs and I really love how it stands out among the sea of skinny jeans. So when I saw a pair of medium-wash Levi’s on sale for $24.99, I snagged them before I could read too much into the why of the sale price.

I took them out for a spin yesterday, and although I didn’t feel the same confidence that perfect dark-wash skinnies give me, I felt bold (ish). I felt a wee bit like a sailor wearing a denim version of their culotte trousers at first, since it’s not a popular look in Montréal (yet), but hopefully my confidence grows with every new wear!

In the meantime, here are my style inspirations for this new denim cut.


How about you trendsetters? Any looks you still feel slightly self-conscious about, but love to rock anyway?