I pride myself in being pretty on top of my stuff. I rarely misplace things and when I do, I’m not so much bummed about losing the item but rather disappointed that I’m not the organized and sensible person I thought I was.

The Tile Slim for Travel

However, sometimes the care of your items is out of your hands, like when you’re forced to check your bag at the gate on tiny over-booked flights (grrrr). That’s when the Tile becomes super handy. Slip this electronic tracking device in your luggage and you can track its progress on your phone. As soon as I land and turn my phone on, I can see if my luggage made the same trip as me.


The Tile Mate for Everyday Use

But the Tile is also good when I’m at home. I have a set routine of putting my keys in a bowl immediately when I get home, so I hang my coat up with empty pockets. That saves time when I’m rushing out the door with a different oufit and do the phone, wallet, keys, bus pass check. But, once in a while, when I’ve been lazy, my keys will be trapped under something at the bottom of my purse or on the dining room table. I have the Tile Mate on my key ring, which is a smaller version with a hole to use it as a keychain. Instead of emptying out every pocket and every bag, I can open up the Tile app and make my keys ring. I can also make my wallet ring, which is where I keep my slim Tile when I’m not using it in my luggage. Oh and it works both ways. If you’ve misplaced your phone, press down on your Tile to make your phone ring.

“Alexa, where are my keys?”

I just stocked up on Tile Mates and Slims, because you can buy them in packs for a bit cheaper. However, not long after, they released a new model, the Tile Pro. This newer, slimmer model has a replaceable battery (the Tile lasts around a year), louder signal, a longer range, and integrations with smart home technology, so you can ask “Alexa, where are my keys?”.


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