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The Best Gifts for Frequent Travellers

It's officially gifting season and this guide is for anyone who has a travel-lover on their list and wants advice on what to get us.

How to Pick Your Travel Day Outfit

Choosing your plane outfit comes down to two factors: what will be comfortable for you, and what maximizes your suitcase space.

How to Choose the Right Travel Bags

Learn how to choose the right travel bags for your trip from suitcases, to personal items, to pouches and organizers.
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What to Pack for Budget Travel

Master budget-friendly travel packing with our guide to essential gear like emergency blankets, travel safes, and portable WiFi routers.
packing compression socks

The Best Compression Socks for Travel

What are the best compression socks for travel? In my guide, I explain what compression socks do and where to buy the best ones.
packing a summer hat

My Top 5 Summer Travel Tips

Summer is a fun time to travel. It can also be the messiest, most exhausting type of trip. In this post, I share my top 5 tips for preparing for summer trips, no matter where you're going.
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How I Packed for 2 Months in Asia

How I packed for Hong Kong, Thailand, mainland China, and Macao. Get tips on packing for Asia, for longer travel, and mini trips in between.

The Ultimate Guide to Packing Cosmetics

How to pack the right toiletries and cosmetics for travel, when to choose alternatives to liquids, and how to pick the right containers.
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