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best reusable coffee mugs

The Best Reusable Travel Mugs

I never go on a trip without a reusable mug. Over the years, I've tried and loved a few different brands. Read on to find out which ones I recommend.
working lounge access

How to Get Work Done While Traveling

Traveling for work often means working while traveling. Read up on my tips to be productive and get stuff done just about anywhere!

Layering Tips for Winter Travel

As the weather drops, it's time to layer up. Read these tips to pack smart, versatile, and warm layers that don't add bulk.
what snacks to pack for plane travel

Best Snacks to Pack for Plane Travel

Looking for the best way to satisfy your in-transit appetite? Take a look at my tips to feed your body and keep you comfortable while travelling.

How to Travel with Perfume

Can't leave home without your signature scent? Read six ways to travel light with your favourite fragrance.

Zero-Waste Tips for Travel

Reduce your waste and garbage while traveling or at home with these quick tips.
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My HomeExchange Review

Want to save money on accomodations on your next trip? Read about my experience with a house swap service!

How to Pack for Rainy Weather

Rain on vacation is a bummer, but it doesn't have to ruin your trip. Check out my packing tips and travel-friendly product recommendations for everything from light rain to torrential downpours.

How to Pack for Transition Weather

Spring weather can be wild and a real puzzle for packing. Find out how to pack strategically between rainstorms and sunny days.
woman in coffee shop on laptop

Web Security Tips for Digital Nomads

Protecting your online activity is always important but travel can create new risks and vulnerabilities. Read these web security tips to get prepared.
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the capsule suitcase

My Favourite Buys of 2017

It’s that time again…time for a rundown of my best buys of the last year! I’m a sucker for a new gadget and love to try out novel solutions to old problems. It gets expensive, but the upside is that I can then share with you which items stood out to me. If you’re curious,

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Welcome to The Capsule Suitcase

Welcome to The Capsule Suitcase