Herban Essentials Cleansing Towelettes

Hi! This is my shop, where I’ve gathered a lot of travel products and gear that I love and bring with me often. I update this page as often as I can but please be forgiving if the items are no longer available.

I love these little towelettes for cleaning my devices, plane seat and tray, and as an aromatherapy hack while traveling.

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Product Description

  • An easy way to use essential oils on the go, 100% pure and natural essential oil towelettes in essences of Lavender, Lemon, Peppermint, Orange and Eucalyptus
  • Wipe counters, phones, keyboards etc. in home or office with Peppermint
  • Great for travel, clean up after using public transportation, Lemon to wipe down airplane tray tables and armrests
  • Inhale relaxing Lavender aroma deeply, remove makeup and clean hands
  • Use Eucalyptus as deodorant or place in hot shower to enjoy aromatic vapors.

Buy them here.