Shopping Style Tips

5 Small Ways to Fall-ify Your Outfit

Five tiny items with maximum effect.

Here’s a list of five small items that will instantly make your outfit look like a fall outfit and won’t take up much room at all in your house or suitcase. When would this list ever come in handy? Let’s say you’re traveling and the weather changes and you’re thinking to yourself: “how can I dress for fall with these same summer clothes?” 1) You have a great life. 2) Check out this list.

Fall-Hued Barrettes 


Picked these up on a whim and have fallen in love. Girly? Maybe so, but just the right amount and in wonderful hues that match my auburn hair and favourite tortoise Raybans.

Sparkly Socks


I own these socks in several different colours and love the speck of whimsy they bring to any shoe. Wear them with sandals to ease into fall, or offset a masculine brogue or casual sneaker with a little bit of sparkly sock peeking out (like with Chucks!).

Pompom Purse Tassel


Clip this on to a minimalist purse or clutch and blamo, it’s a fall bag. Experiment with hues for either a natural look or a wild and brightly dyed version.

Versatile Choker


What do you do when you love a trend that’s on its way out? Get a ridiculously expensive-looking, stylish, and versatile version like this one that can be a bracelet, choker, or belt.

Fall Manicure

If you do it right, this one won’t take up any room at all, because you’ll be wearing it. Update your mani to a perfect fall colour. I love Butter London because it’s free of formaldehyde, toluene, and DBP.